womens political right

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  • Published : September 29, 2013
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There are many opportunities for women in the developed countries, but women do not get such opportunities in many underdeveloped and developing countries. There are almost equal economic, political, social opportunities for women in the United States while these opportunities are not available to the women of underdeveloped countries. Due to the socio-cultural exploitation of women, they are deprived of such opportunities in the region of underdeveloped countries. In order to get equal opportunities in the developed countries like the United States and Europe women had fought a long and continuous struggle. I am going to compare today the opportunities between the women of the United States and a Far Western Region of Nepal. The existing socio- cultural and political rights of women in that region are quite miserable compared to US women. The women of that region do not have decision making power in politics, they are exploited socially and they do not have economic freedom at all .There is social, political and economic discrimination, exploitation and marginalization of women in terms of position, power, and role of opportunity. I would like to compare and give some examples of each economic, social and political right between two different cultures in the following paragraphs. Burdened by household responsibilities and sidelined in the public arena women have remained powerless to change and improve their situation in Far Western Region of Nepal. A woman’s power –her decision making role and influence and control over resources is almost negligible. Men dominate most decisions made in the family and it is taken for granted that they hold a higher status. Issues concerning property, marriage, expenditure and education are men’s business, and women can exert little or no influence over the outcomes. Women must stay outside of the house in the shed during her menstrual period and child birth. In the United States women do not suffer these kinds of gender...
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