War Tourism

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  • Published : September 12, 2013
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Quenching the thirst for war
War tourism
Why do we constantly court for the danger? Why do the fact of nearly dead, give us a life-affirming experience? War, murder and innocent victims is a standard picture for many people in front of the television, they see war trough a glass screen. Some people search for something more, they want to feel and sense war, with no filter. They travel through war-zones, with potential danger for death. This is what Thomas Steinmetz treats in his article “quenching the thirst for war”, written in 2008. The text is about tourism in war-zones, and what the phenomenon is based on? Why run the risk, well aware that they might risk their lives? To explain that, Thomas Steinmetz make use of different experts, who has substance in what they say. Through them Thomas Steinmetz paints a picture of these tourists, who has created a new line of business. There are spoken of different types of tourists. Some tourists want to touch the death. Others are more cultural interested and don’t mind the danger who is a big part of it. At last some wants to get the impression of war, not only through television. The article is non-fiction journalism. There are different marks, who suggest that it is a non-fiction text. The writer Thomas Steinmetz is straightforward, he tries to be educational and have coherent thoughts. The pronouns refer to the tourists. The text is a comment, because Thomas Steinmetz comments on the phenomenon “war tourism”. The article starts in medias res, with no background and information about the topic. The journalist Thomas Steinmetz is interviewing Geoff Hann, a British group leader for the travel agency Hinterland.

To get an overview of the text, the rhetorical pentagon is a useful in-depth analysis. The topic in the text is “war tourism”. The genre is non-fiction journalism, it is not known where the text is printed, but it could be printed in a magazine or some kind of quality press. The...