Themes Of Gilgamesh

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  • Published : February 24, 2015
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Exploring the Literary Themes of Gilgamesh

Now that we have finished reading Gilgamesh, we will explore some of the major themes of this epic poem. In groups of three or four, you will explore one of the five themes listed below. For each theme there will be two groups. After your group completes the activities, you will join with the other group that explored your theme and collaborate to form a final product. It is important that every group member participate in each step of the process.

Literary Themes:
1. Nature vs. Civilization
2. Death and Immortality
3. Friendship and Love
4. Leadership and Power
5. The Gods and the Supernatural

Step 1: Small Groups Work

After drawing a theme from the hat, your group will do the following:

1. Select ten passages from the poem that demonstrate your theme.

a. For each selection accurately quote the passage and include the page number.

b. Explain what each passage demonstrates about your theme. This explanation should be at least four sentences long.

2. Answer the following questions based on your exploration of the theme. Your answers should be at least 150 words:

a. How is your theme represented from the beginning to the end of the book? Does the treatment of your theme change as the poem progresses, or does it remain the same? (Answer all parts of the question. Use textual evidence from several places in the poem.)

b. What do you think the story’s treatment of your theme was meant to demonstrate to the people of ancient Mesopotamia? Is this message still relevant to our modern world? Why or why not? (Answer all parts of the question. Use textual evidence from several places in the poem.)

Step 2 Combined Theme Group Work

In your combined theme groups you are to complete the following tasks:

1. Each group will share with the other the passages that they selected and their answers to the two questions.

2. Choose the ten best passages that represent your theme....