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  • Published : December 7, 2014
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Quick facts on sweatshops;
> Girls between the ages of 15 and 25 make 85% of the workforce in sweatshops >Up to 75% of a sweatshop worker's income is spent on necessities such as food, clothes, etc. >on average workers have a 60-80 hour workweek in a sweatshop > in china, 2009, about 1,000,000 workers were injured on the job and 20,000 got sick from their work in hazardous conditions >Workers are forced to handle dangerous chemicals and glues in sweatshops with little or no protection > A child working in a factory is expected to work the same hours as a full grown adult. http://sites.google.com/site/antisweatshopleague/maps-and-statistics

The Bangladeshi Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus urged global fashion brands not to abandon the country, saying that garment factory workers subcontracted to produce their clothing should be seen as de facto employees.

The eight-storey Rana Plaza factory building near Dhaka collapsed on 24 April with an unknown number inside. "Each time we moved a slab of concrete, we found a stack of bodies."

Bangladesh has one of the largest garment industries in the world, and some of the clothes produced in the Rana Plaza building were made for Western retailers.

A fire in a garment factory building in another part of the capital began during the night, after the factories had closed for the day, and sent out smoke and gas that suffocated victims as they ran down stairs, officials said. BBC News^^^

Views of Western Consumers
Sweatshops are wrong because of child labor and rape abuse and unsafe conditions. They have VERY low pay and it violates rights. Its a place where misery and greed meet and many companies like disney, nike, walmart, puma and many others rely on these sweatshops. It is a human rights violation. Sweatshops are a form of exploitation. They are primarily found in very poor third world countries. The conditions in theses countries are very difficult. The people who work in these...
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