Society always demands more from women than from men

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  • Published : September 29, 2013
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Men and women both have their individual requirements. Without the effort of either, there will be great instability amongst the population. They both contribute to the development of the economy, as well as household development. However, it is in the view of some people that society demands more from women than from men. This statement should be deemed true, as seen in the book "bodas de sangre". The theme of obligation plays a major function in emphasizing this assumption. From the novel, this observation can be made in the case of La Novia. Because of her astounding beauty and high social status, she felt obligated to marry a man of equivalent status. This meant that she was expected to keep her virginity for her future husband, and flourish children for him alone. The females also had to take care of the children on their own. Making children was vital for a family since they would be the people to carry on the family's legacy and continue producing wealth to the family. In that era, woman's responsibility was to be a housewife and maintain order within the household. On the other hand, men's duties are taken less seriously than women's. They are primarily responsible for bringing income to their households. Society does not demand much from them. From the evidence in "Bodas de Sangre" it is evident that society always demands more from the women than from the men. Because of their high amounts of responsibilities, their presence is tremendously significant in all households and societies. But the vital roles of men, who add stability, should not be neglected.
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