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  • Published : June 5, 2014
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Ruth Chris: The high stakes of International Expansion

In order to make the first cut in the list of potential countries, Hannah looked at the penetration strategy, market development, diversification and product development as a strategy for entering a new market. The unused variable that would be helpful would be the political stability, competition and the regulations that might limit the business growth. For research purposes the following were taken in consideration: Population, legal to import USA beef, affinity for American brands, consumer dining habits and amount of beef-eaters in that country. The exhibit number 4 was used to narrow the 200 countries to 33. My top 5 choices are different from Hannah’s. My choices are Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore, Spain and Bahamas. The main reason for this choice is because Germany is the national largest economy in Europe and has a very high standard of living, which increase the changes of success in this country. United Kingdom has very small political risk and their way of eating is similar to this country. United Kingdom also has affinity to American products. Singapore is growing very quick. Their standard of living is very high and is one of the most expensive Asian countries to live in. Spain GDP per capita is the 8th largest in the world. Spain also has a very large population (over 40 million). Their beef eating habits are similar to US.The last one would be Bahamas because even thought is small, it’s a very touristic place. It’s full of visitors all year long, increasing the chances of success for restaurants. Bahamas is second to US in beef consumption. These five countries are meat eaters according to the US Census Bureau of 2012.