Reflection on Character Rear Window Ext 1

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  • Published : June 10, 2013
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My character, Miss Torso is outgoing and full of life. She has a passion for dancing and it finds a way into every aspect of her life. She dances whilst making breakfast and entertains male guests as it is highly amusing. The enthusiasm I embody cannot be faked and is clearly seen in the opening scenes. Hitchcock, my director manipulates my character and her personality to be overtly sexualised and purely for the viewing of male counterparts. I resent the portrayal of my character having to rely on the affection of men to be happy. Yes, I enjoy the company and the entertainment they provide but I do not need it to survive or to find happiness. Not only are the women in the film presented as highly attractive and submissive to men, they are given the stereotype of women being needy and reliant on men. However if you look closely at the film you will see that if it weren’t for the women, the mystery of the murder would never have been uncovered. Crucial female characters found many clues, pieced together the events within the crime and risked their lives with absolutely no recognition. Lisa, who could have had a strong relationship with Miss Torso given the opportunity could have helped further the investigation. With the understanding that the genre relies heavily on these stereotypes to recognise crime fiction they should be re-evaluated as the times have changed. Women have fought relentlessly to attain rights and equality which should be represented within this film. I feel my character was merely a device for Hitchcock to exemplify his themes of voyeurism and women being the subject of the male gaze. As even her name is characterised after her body it highlights the stereotype that women are simply at appease the male counterparts. My part within the film is that of being a doppelganger to Lisa. I highlight the traits of an attractive female in this time period. These being that without a man you are lost and that your happiness depends solely on the...
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