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  • Published : September 29, 2013
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ENIEI 124 – Oral Communication

Intensive English Institute
Ball State University
Muncie, IN
IEI Course Syllabus
ENIEI 124-2D
Kevin Daily
MTWR 1:50-2:50 LB 127
Fall 2013/ Session 6 Office: RB 389
email:[email protected]
Office hours: MTWR 1:00 PM-1:45 PM, TR 4:00 PM– 4:45 PM
and by appointment
Brief Course Description
Students will be able to build useful, communication skills in English in the United States through exploration and reflection of everyday readings and experiences. The class will be enriched by students’ own thoughts, traditions and cultures. Then they will be able to compare and contrast them with the North American customs, language and culture.

Classroom Requirements
1. Maintain an organized and separate folder for this class to keep all of your papers, notes, and other information in one location. 2. Turn in all homework and projects during class on the day they are due. No late work will be accepted, unless an excused absence occurs on the day the assignment is due. 3. Check your Ball State email at least once per day.

4. Come to class on time every day. Be prepared for class. That means having your textbook, your homework, paper, a writing utensil, etc. ready to use. 5. Turn off cell phones and other electronic devices before class. You may lose points or get partial credit for class activities when you are using a cell phone or any electronic device. 6. Bring all recent handouts to class with you.

7. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed. You can find out by asking me before 5:00 PM (through email or by coming to my office hours) or a student in the class. You are expected to be ready to participate in class and/or turn in assigned assignments when you return. 8. Keep track of your grades. After you complete an assignment, take a quiz, etc., I will let you know your grade. It is your responsibility to keep track of all your grades. If you want to talk to me about your grades, you need to make an appointment by email and bring your records with you.

[124. 1] Describe the functions of compliments in US English [124. 2] List items that are appropriate objects to compliment in US culture [124. 3] Compare and contrast their home cultures with the US cultures in terms of: [124.3i] expectations of punctuality,

[124.3ii] rules regarding school attendance
[124.3iii] rules regarding classroom interaction
[124.3iv] developing friendships and other relationships
[124.3v] managing friendships and other relationships

Verbal Strategies
[124. 4] Respond to compliments in an appropriate manner, allowing for the continuation of the conversation [124. 5] Issue informal invitations in US English
[124. 6] Issue formal invitations in US English
[124. 7] Accept invitations in US English
[124. 8] Decline invitations in US English
[124. 9] Request help in situations requiring formal language [124. 10] Request help in situations requiring informal language [124. 11] Request and make an appointment in an academic setting [124. 12] Interpret the meaning of gestures common to US English

Required Student Text
Genzel, R.B., Cummings, M. G. (2010). Culturally Speaking (3rded.). Boston: Heinle.

Evaluation: Final IEI Departmental grades are Credit/No Credit. Credit is earned when the final course and departmental final exam score combined equal the value of a “C” grade, a minimum of 73% out of a 100% scale.

IEI Departmental Absence Policy: Two unexcused absences are permitted every session. Each unexcused absence beyond two takes 5% off final departmental grade. Definition of Absence:
not being present for an entire class period
arriving over 15 minutes late to class
receiving two marks of being tardy to class – between 5 and 15 minutes late leaving 5 minutes or more before class ends.

*In all cases, it is the...
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