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  • Published : June 14, 2013
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Title: Pets brings Fashion and
Online Shopping to new territories

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Trendsetter Pets are the in-thing
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Would you buy $365.00 worth of dog collar for your pet? This might sound too much. But, wealthy pooch owners will definitely not settle for something less than what their darlings deserve.  Last year, I visited a Louis Vuitton shop at 5th Avenue New York City. Surprisingly, Baxter XSmall Dog Collars were selling like hotcakes. There were also a few orders of the Vuitton pooch bag-Dog Carrier 40 priced at $2,430.00. Clearly, we don’t have to wait for the Oscars to see designers flaunt their creations at the red carpet. Shih Tzu and Terriers walking at the park may surpass the price tag of the latest handbag you bought at UGG Australia.

It’s interesting to know that high-end labels are expanding their presence in the pet category. Handbags are so 80’s. But, placing the pooch in a stylish monogram LV canvas defines new age style. Apart from the name itself, designers made sure that utility is part of their selling proposition to pet owners.  At Barney’s NY, they offer Dog Rain Slickers designed to protect your loving pet from the harsh weather (Price: USD$124.00).  Roberto Cavalli couture offers tracksuit and silk shorts for dogs costing USD$1,200.

I think the fashion industry is exploring new realms of market potential and consumer behavior. Otherwise, producing these top of the line products would be irrelevant if the market is unwilling to spend a lot for their pets. Notably, retailers include these pet products with their online store essentials. Exclusive sections are devoted for pet accessories dedicated to trendy shoppers. Pet supplies online has never been more exciting than what we have today.

Online pet stores make shopping hassle-free for pet owners

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