Organisational Behaviour

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Job Satisfaction and performance are the terms which are correlated to each other. Empirical theories depict a strong negative correlation whereas picture depicted through Organisational Psychology is totally opposite, that is strong positive correlation. The term job satisfaction doesn’t have a proper definition because of the general disagreement between the theorist, scientists and researchers. Spector (1994) defines job satisfaction as how people feel about their jobs and several aspects of it; they like or dislike what they do. According to Hoppcock (1935), job satisfaction is a blend of different circumstances; namely psychological, physiological, and environmental, which lead to workers express their satisfaction related to a specific job. Motivation is a major factor that derives performance and eventually job satisfaction. Motivation as defined by Peter Grazier (1998) is something related to human behaviour which forces someone to act. The aim of this essay is to explain the link between job satisfaction and performance in the light of Organisational Behaviour theories and strategies that might lead to job satisfaction. A critical evaluation of the Palm Toy case study is done highlighting the performance of the managers. The Palm Toy case study talks about employees working in the painting department and the difficulty in work they were facing. Women working in a team were on a group bonus plan, which was linked to the performance of the team. The Expectancy Theory states that to get a better outcome, link performance to outcome and motivate the team (Vroom, 1964). There are three aspects of this theory; Effort, performance and outcome. Vroom emphasised on outcome by motivating the team. It was expected of the team to perform well to get a good bonus. Bonus was supposed to decrease as their expertise increase. This group bonus was given to keep up the standard of work. To increase the performance of the group, it is important to make everyone realise...
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