My Family Consists Of Five People Including Me

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  • Published : March 18, 2015
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My family consists of five people including me, my mom, dad, older sister, and younger brother. I was raised in a low income family, so the things I did while growing up was limited compared to other children. To add on to the stress of not having enough money, my family has had at least one family member in the hospital at any given time while I was growing up.      The most memorable instance was the summer after my 6th grade promotion.  My father, who had always seemed the most healthy to me, ended up in the hospital for two months. The doctors had told him that a section of his intestine broke apart and that if he had waited another day to come to them he would have died. This experience sparked an interest in me to want to enter the medical business, I started to want to become the person that the patient looked forward to seeing everyday. Every Time one of my family members was in the hospital after that, I wanted to know exactly what was wrong with them and what their treatment was. As the years passed many of my family members died and I couldn’t help to think, what if I was the one who treated them? What could I have done differently then the doctors that treated them? I want to figure out exactly what I can do for other people and I want to be the person that people look forward to helping them recover. Recently both my uncle and his daughter found out that they had leukemia within weeks of each other. This was heart breaking to all of the members of my family, but it only made my desire to enter the medical business increase. This made me now want to become a doctor as soon as I could, but I know that I still have eight long years ahead of me till that happens. I just hope that they are still alive or cured by the time I get my medical licence.I love my family and everything that they have done for me up until this point in my life, but now I need to become my own person. I need to stop burdening them with my own troubles and  start helping them with...
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