GMO foods good or bad

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  • Published : September 29, 2013
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GMO Foods Good or Bad?
This paper reviews the beneficial and harmful aspects to Genetically Modified Food that certain corporations are experimenting, producing, and selling. The results of each of these topics will be looked over and explained to an extent.

Genetically modified foods are crop plants created for human or animal’s to consume. Special crops have been experimented with in laboratories by scientist to make these plants more nutritional and less vulnerable to diseases or insects. A purpose of these GMO’s is to be able to sustain life in the coming years because eventually the population of the world will reach a point in which food will become limited to those who need it. Acknowledgments

I would like to thank Professor Zhan Yang for taking the time to inform, teach, help, instruct, care, and to make me more appreciative for biology and more concerned about what is being put into our body’s every day. Literature cited
The Bible
Body of my paper
What are the good benefits to these crops? Well they have the ability to withstand cold temperatures, instead of dying due to frost. Countless crops are destroyed yearly because they don’t have certain chemicals sprayed onto the crops to prevent insects or other creatures from destroying them. GMO crops are able to endure strong herbicide without them being destroyed. this can be useful for destroying unwanted plants like weeds. There are biologist who are experimenting with plants to make them resistant to plant diseases like bacteria and fungus this would result in less loss of produce. The world is limited to so much space and every day there is less room for farming so GMO crops are modified to be able to grow in places that are usually unable. These crops will be more nutritional, there is a lack of vitamins in certain countries such as Africa where they only eat one type of food, and this will result in lack of...
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