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  • Published : June 10, 2013
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Engineering GD Topics
1.      Position of Women in India compared to other nations. 2.      Environment Management.
3.      Is China better than India in software?
4.      Government contribution to IT
5.      Is china a threat to Indian industry?
6.      India or west, which is the land of opportunities? 7.      Water resources should be nationalised.
8.      Effect of cinema on Youth
9.      Education in India compared to Foreign nations 10.  What is the effect of movies on youth?  Is it good or bad? 11.  Are studies more beneficial in India or in Abroad?
12.  "Environment- Whose Responsibility".
13.  Present state of Indian Cricket team
14.  Advantages of Co-education.
15.  How to deal with international terrorism.
16.  Should we pursue our policy of dialogue with Pakistan? 17.  Is peace and non-violence outdated concepts?
18.  Is Globalization Really Necessary?
19.  What shall we do about our ever-increasing Population? 20.  Corruption is the price we pay for Democracy.
21.  Foreign Television Channels are destroying our culture. 22.  What India needs is a Dictatorship.
23.  Beauty contests degrade womanhood
24.  The rise of regional blocs threatens independent nations like India 25.  Six billion and one bronze!
26.  Is dependence on computers a good thing?
27.  Should the public sector be privatised?
28.  Is India a Soft Nation?
29.  Value based politics is the need of the hour
30.  Religion should not be mixed with politics
31.  Why can’t we be world players in industry as we are in software? 32.  Multinational corporations: Are they devils in disguise? 33.  Does banning fashion shows and New Year parties save our culture? 34.  Economic betterment of the poorer nations is as important as disarmament to ensure lasting world peace. 35.  Nuclear war cannot be won and should not be fought.

36.  Private enterprise and not public sector will contribute to faster and higher economic growth in India 37.  Inflation is inevitable in our...
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