Examine the reasons for and the consequences of the fall in death rates since 1900 24 Marks

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  • Published : March 8, 2015
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Examine the reasons for, and the consequences of, the fall in death rates since 1900. (24 Marks)

Consequences- Ageing population in Britain- Government spending NHS/Welfare -Lack of jobs for elderly- e.g. B&Q
Reasons- Improvements in healthcare and medicines
-Safer jobs

Death rates are the number of deaths per 100,000 of the population per year. Since 1900 due to improvements in many areas, a few examples being medicine, welfare and safer jobs, death rate in countries such as Britain have decreased at a large rate, with the consequences causing several problems due to this development. It can be linked to other factors such as increased life expectancy and a decrease in birth rates that happened in the same time frame, which were also influential on the consequences of decreasing death rates.

One of the reasons why death rates have decreased in the last 100 years or so is largely because of medical improvements that have been a consequence of technological advancements. These advancements in technology have allowed new treatments to be found to cure diseases that were previously incurable and deadly beforehand. This has also paved the way to new illnesses being discovered and cures being found for them, which also ties to medical improvements and the decrease in death rates. The introduction of the NHS in 1945 by the Labour government gave people, who previously were unable to access treatment for illnesses, free access to medical care when they needed it. By it being funded by the government, rather than private businesses, this has increased the quality of care for all citizens because private investors and big businesses that may have owned it previously would have only focused on a profit being fetched in through treatment, rather than actually caring for their patients to a good standard. Through this huge development, death rates would decrease as the trend shows because free accessible healthcare and treatments would be available to all that...