Childcare Level2

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  • Published : September 29, 2013
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Cfc10: children’s play and leisure activities in the community

Pool and track Chingford
170 Chingford Rd  London E17 5AA

020 8527 5431

This place is for every one who likes to take parts in swimming and exercise. It also has a gym which you can use to reduce fat. Children will enjoy the swimming pool the most, because they like to entertain themselves and to have exercise at the some time. When children are swimming they make new friends and using a lot of energs.forexample they are splashing water on each other and having competition to see who can swim the fastest. Through swimming children they are making good process because they using physical and emotional skills at the same time. For physical they are using fine motor skills and gross motor skills and eye co-ordination.

On the other hand children they are very happy while they are playing on the water and you can see how they shouting or laughing although they learn how to take their turn as well as how to communicate each other because they feel very proud of their achievement.

Tumble in the jungle : address: 245 woodstreetE17 3ht:telephone:0870626 0710

Tumble in the jungle it is a good place for children’s, toddlers and babies. It is indoor play, soft play and helps children’s have lots of exercise. There are lot of facilities for children to play. All the activities in Tumble in the jungle are suitable for any age, especially for little children like toddlers. Tumble in the jungle allows children to have fun and have entertainments. Tumble in the jungle provides children with energy, social physical and emotional skills. Tumble in the jungle it is great place to make new friends and socialise and also learn new skills, most of parents they like to visit every week because they belief it is educational place for their children.

Lloyd Park Forest Road Walthamstow
E17 4PP
Phone: 020 8496 4390
Email: [email protected]

Lloyd park it is great place as well as fun and exciting place. It is great outdoor place where every one can have fun, air and new environments. Lloyd Park it is sociable place and allows children to have fun for many different things. Children they can run as far as they want, they also plays slides which helps children about their body to build up. When children they are llyod parks they will insure to reach their acheivments, because they are runing, jumping as well as playing football. So they are doing excerese, have fun and getting fresh air.

Children completely they using physical and emotional so they became very successful.

London zoo:
Address: Outer Circle Regent's Park London NW1 4RY: phone: 0844 255 1826.

London zoo it is the biggest and oldest zoo in the world. It was eventually opened to the public in1848, there are over 750 animals, and the opening hours are seven days a week. Children they will explore many things also they will feel the texture of a lot of animals and they will ask you a lot of questions regarding animals, such as why giraffes has long neck and why gorillas looks so scary. So always share with the children your idea and teach about new environment. When you are at the London Zoo or any where else you can support children to teach any subject which they don’t know. Children will understand about different animal and some children are capable to investigate more and having fun as well as experiencing different scenery and where animals live.

Walthamstow library
Walthamstow Library. High Street Walthamstow E17 7JN Phone 020 8496 3189. Email: [email protected] .

This library provides every one with accesses to knowledge, culture and new information. The library opening time is seven days week which is helpful for every one. For example if the parents working they can find flexible...
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