Brazil: A Rich Diversity of Races, Cultures and Cuisines

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  • Published : November 11, 2012
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Brazil Research Paper
Brazil is a large country that calls itself unique. It stands out for many reasons. Some of the most important justifications are: their ethnical diversity, respect and delicious plates in all regions. “Brazil is a mixture of races and ethnicities, resulting in rich diversity.” ("BRAZIL - LANGUAGE, CULTURE"). The racial and cultural differences grow for each year that passes by, enriching with what the country itself gives to it. Faces, eyes and skin color; everything varies from person to person. It is one of the countries with the most diversity in the world. Language influences: believes, cultures and costums, making this country distinct from the rest. Starting off with races, the ones that predominate are American, European and Brazilian. According to Maps of the World, these provide the country with a “unique cultural heritage”. This means that the country has preserved things that were inherited by past generations and developed within the years to become the diverse country it is today. “Brazilians have intermarried to the point that it sometimes seems that almost everyone has a combination of European, African and indigenous ancestry. ("BRAZIL - LANGUAGE, CULTURE"). “It was the only Portuguese colony in the Americas (so they do not) share the same physical or cultural traits of its Latin neighbors and pride themselves as unique people.” ("The Diversity of Brazilian"). Another factor that makes Brazil so varied in reference to diversity, is their culture. Respect is important as well not only because people take it serioulsy and follow what they consider correct, but it forms a big part in their daily lives because they acknowledge respect as one of the most important things in their daily behaviour. Stated by Kwintessential, “the family is the foundation of the social structure and forms the basis of stability for most people.” which means that their customs and cortesy begin at home. So, depending on the type of family and...