Apple Ipad. Essay

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  • Published : August 21, 2013
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As you can see the Apple iPad has a ton of different models to choose from covering a wide price range to attract various demographics of customers. This works to Apples advantage for their massive marketing effort and wanting desire to see the Apple iPad take off , firing off the first salvo in the upcoming Slate Wars. Since the iPad was first announced, both a few weeks before and a few weeks after, a multitude of Slate and new E-Readerdevices have been shown to the public and have a ton of people excited about the prospect of the new technology to fall into the hands of a mobile-centric crowd So we may now draw the conclusion that there is initial public interest in this device. Our investigative report on the niche crowd of people purchasing the iPad were media groups, apple die-hards, and the technology addicted. Apple may have sold out of pre-orders, but many people will buy one IPAD. This is a very real factor, and past products have failed because they could not meet the demand at launch time, and by the time they had more product available, other competitive products had entered the market place and people lost their focus as media coverage for new releases occurs. The iPad might also fail because the public might not accept it as a viable product that will either change their lives, or be as low cost to attract casual impulse buyers. People may think that the iPad will not be a viable PC substitute and most people either have a smart phone or have a laptop or net book for mobile use. The iPad may not appeal to people financially nor may they may measure it against their current devices and say, this is not worth it There are allot of competing devices to the iPad such as the Notion ink ADAM, the HP Slate, the Dell Slate, the Neofonie WEPAD, many of these devices have far greater specs to the iPad in terms of processing power, memory, multi media viability, flash, and small factors such as HDMI, Fire wire and other features will make iPadprospective...