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  • Published : May 6, 2015
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The life and influence of Percy Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley, born on August 4th, 1792 in Broadbridge Heath, England, is one of the worlds most renown romantic poets. He influenced many in the ways of literature with his superb poetry and play writings including many modern poets. He had a hard life growing up but made the most of what he had, his imagination.

Shelley began attending the Syon House Academy 10 years old. After approximately two years of attending the academy Percy was accepted, and attended the college of Eton. While receiving his education at Eton, Shelley received a relentless barrage of harassment from his fellow peers. During this time and in the span of one year, he had writen and published duel books and duel poetry. An amazing feat for someone as soon as Shelley. Around six years after attending the college of Eton, Shelley began his journey through the prestigious University of Oxford. It was during this time that Percy began to undergo pressure and heat from the school dean and many of his fellow peers due to his shared writing by the name of “The Necessity of Atheism”. This was written alongside his good friend and colleague, Thomas Jefferson Hogg. This ended up causing Shelley and Hoggs termination from the University.

His very first poem was a rather lengthy poem, “Queen Mab”. He wrote the poem to express his political points of view in a literate form. It also included pieces from William Godwin. An skillful poet whom shelley found to be an inspiration and a role model.

It was through his sister that Shelley met Harriet Westbrook. A woman whom Shelley would soon find himself marrying. Not long after, in 1814, Percy found himself falling in love with and eloping with Mary Godwin. Shortly after in 1818 Percy and Mary Shelley began to write the famous novel, Frankenstein. Influencing the modern novel and movie of frankenstein as it served as a basis to guide the newer versions. The book was actually published by...